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Lost and Found - What to do

We hope that very soon we will have a form you can submit with all of your lost or found pet information. For now, please send us an email, but be SURE and send us all of the information we need to help you find your pet or return the one you have found. When sending us an email, please be sure and include this information:

  • Date you lost or found the pet
  • Species of pet (dog, cat, rabbit, etc)
  • Breed (Siamese, Labrador, Persian, Golden Retriever mix)
  • Sex, color, approximate age
  • General size
  • Whether the pet has been neutered
  • General location the pet was lost or found (landmarks or intersecting streets are helpful)
  • Identifying marks (extra toes, recently groomed, chipped tooth)
  • Whether the pet is wearing a collar and identification
  • If the pet is a cat, whether the cat has been declawed
  • If the pet is a dog, whether the dog has a docked tail or cropped ears
  • ALL of your information including daytime phone, evening phone, address, email, cell phone, etc..

Please also refer to THIS PAGE for additional tips on lost or found pets.

Missoula Humane Society • 1105 Clark Fork Drive, Missoula, Montana 59808 • 406-549-3934