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Report Animal Cruelty

How to Report an incidence of Animal Cruelty

The power of enforcement of animal cruelty laws and ordinances lies with Missoula Animal Control. If you need to lodge a complaint, please call 406-541-7387. They can respond to complaints within the city or county. If you are a witness to animal cruelty, here are some tips:

  • DO NOT WAIT to act if you are a witness to cruelty. Never assume “someone else,” will take care of the problem. Call Animal Control or the Sheriff immediately. A matter of a day can be the difference between life and death for an animal.
  • Documenting what you see is critical. Take photos if possible and keep a log of exactly what you see (with descriptions and dates). This information is crucial in a legal case against the abuser and can mean a better chance at convicting the perpetrator.
  • Neglect is abuse. Lack of veterinary care, shelter, food, water, and protection from the elements is abuse and is illegal.
  • After reporting the cruelty, always follow-up with a phone call to Animal Control. Find out what the outcome was.
  • If you live outside of Missoula or Missoula County contact your local Animal Control, Sheriff, or Humane Society.
  • People that abuse animals rarely stop there. Most also abuse the humans in their lives. Children that are caught abusing animals are most likely themselves being abused and will likely become violent adults. Children who abuse animals should receive counseling. For more information about the link between human and animal abuse click HERE.

To view the cruelty statues for the state of Montana click HERE. These same statues apply to Missoula County. Cruelty statues within the city are also the same with the addition of:

1. It is unlawful to expose any poison for the purpose of killing, sickening, or crippling any dog, cat, domestic pet or livestock, or aiding and abetting any person doing so.

2. It is unlawful to sponsor, conduct, or participate in an animal race of more than two miles, except a sanctioned endurance race.

3. It is unlawful to expose any animal to let hold traps or snares.

For a full copy of all Animal Control ordinances within the city or county, please contact Missoula Animal Control at 541-7387. There you will find licensing requirements, dog bite information, nuisance and vicious dog ordinances, leash law information, etc…

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